A draw. I’m confused

SYDNEY made my head spin a bit last week. The bridge, the traffic and then we had a draw and I thought my head would spin right off. I asked my room mate Ballas to explain it to me. He did but it didn’t help.


I love the Indigenous jumper.

I love the Indigenous jumper.

At the review meeting this week Ross said he didn’t like draws and then I realised that with Ross around you must concentrate. He’s testing you all the time. We had a look at Johnno’s last kick and Ross looked at me and said, “Where were you Frankie, you’ve got the leap, you coulda knocked it through.”

“I was running past Johnno barking for the handball coach,” I said with a lift of my head.

Ross’s eyes were darting around the room and then he looked back at me and said: “I know you were Frankie, good girl.” I felt good for a moment but then Ross looked at Johnno.

“Michael,” he said, “next time give it to Frankie or give the bloody thing a decent hoof.” And then Sydney was over and we were talking about Melbourne. I can’t tell you about that.

Later I was walking into the gym and Ross was walking out. “Easy game this week Frankie,” he said.

“There are no easy games in the AFL coach,” I said with a shake of my whole body.

“Good girl Frankie,” he said.


PS. On Sunday we play in our Indigenous Round jumper designed by Roger Hayden and Richard Walley. I love it and I’ll look good in it. And I think it’s going to make me faster.



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