Bulldogs are copy cats

Butch seems like a good bloke but i don't reckon he could play.

Butch seems like a good bloke but I don’t reckon he could play.


A WHILE ago I told you I thought bulldogs were scaredy cats – not the footy team, just the bulldogs I see down the beach. Well when we got to Dockerlands on Saturday I started thinking the Bulldogs were copy cats.

There was a dog on the boundary line. I went over for hello sniff and found out his name was Butch and that he wasn’t a player but an “unofficial mascot”. In these days of the canine draft I thought that was a bit demeaning to dogs. Anyway, he seemed nice enough – just immature. He seemed in awe of me and that’s fair enough because I am an AFL player. Butch said he’d like to play one day and I said, not in words but with a glance at his huge stomach, “Yeah, sure.”

I felt kind of lucky to be playing in this game after what I did to that Selwood in the derby. I can thank the blurry TV vision and the fact that Ballas was happy to take the blame. Me and Son-Son laughed when the other Selwood said, “That was a dog act, Ballantyne.”

What you did see in the derby was that my role has changed. Ross still wants me to be an inside extractor but he also wants me to be an outside runner with Hilly and Danyle. Hilly calls us the “vroom-vroom crew”.

This week it’s a Friday night game at home against the Bombers – Matty de Boer said to me the other day, “Is that gonna be past your bedtime Frankie?”

I said, with sleepy eyes from the massage table, “Which bedtime?”


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