Fun with Kosi


IT was fun traveling to Melbourne with some of the Docker kids last week. They’re so cute.As you know Ross gave most of the good players a rest so they’d be right for the finals. He said Pav, Sandi and I have done enough resting so we had to babysit, I mean play.

The best part of the game was in the last quarter when Kosi came on. Just about everybody wanted him to score a goal because it was his last game. If you’ve watched Kosi play over the years you would know that he keeps running into things. Micky Barlow reckons it’s because he can only see straight ahead.

So every time he had a shot for goal I just crept up beside him and barked. It was so funny because he jumped every time and didn’t score a goal in his last game.

“What was that?” Kosi would say, “that was scary.”
I just kept bouncing around to the side of him.
“Over there Kosi.” Micky Barlow would say.
“Over there.”

When I got home I rested.

My best mates Ballas and Son Son will be back next week. We’re playing the Cats.

I do not like Cats.

Look out.


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