Goin’ up the country

Frankie watching training at Jurien in 2013.

Frankie watching training at Jurien in 2013.

HI everyone and welcome to my first column. This week I’ll tell you a bit about what happened on our Community Camp and a bit about my background. 

First of all the drive up was great. It wasn’t new to me because I go on lots of drives with my mum and dad and we always stop at footy grounds to have a look at the scoreboard and for me to do some training.

Dad was a great player but he didn’t make it to the top level because he dedicated himself to his work. He always said to me there was no pressure but if I wanted to be an AFL player or Olympian he would do everything to help. We started on ball skills when I was two months old and an elite training program in running and swimming from when I was four months.

I went on three school visits during the Community Camp at Badgingarra, Jurien Bay and Dongara and it was fun meeting the kids and answering their questions. I went with Lee Spurr, Hilly and Max Duffy.

Most of the questions were for me of course so the others wrote down the answers. Here’s some examples…

Q. Frankie when did you first start playing footy?

A. Well I played in the backyard and the park from the time I could walk but then I did the usual things. I was in under-nines when I was one and so on through the junior grades. I had a year off when I trained to be on the Olympic Swim team and another when I did my Masters. I started senior footy when I was seven-years-old and played in various country and WOOFLE teams.

Q. Frankie, I’ve got a Labradoodle who likes chasing a ball. Do you think he could make it in the AFL?

A. I doubt it.

Q. Frankie could a cat play in the AFL?

A. I think it would be too hard for a cat to stick to the structures. I don’t know many cats but from what I’ve heard they don’t seem to be team players.

Q. Frankie, you’re cute. Who are your best friends at the Dockers?

A. Thank you. Well I’m friends with these three guys obviously but I love training with Son-Son and Ballas – that’s Michael Walters and Hayden Ballantyne of course. We love running into flocks of seagulls at Freo Oval and watching them fly away. We call it mayhem time and we reckon that’s what we’ll do when we play together.

Q. Frankie, who did you barrack for when you were a puppy and do you like the Eagles?

A. Dockers. No.

Q. Frankie, what are your tips for young people who want to do the best they can at sport of anything else in life.? (That was from a teacher.)

A. Sleep a lot. Eat your breakfast. Work hard and do as you’re told.

All in all it was a great experience and a good way to get to know everyone better. I sat next to Matthew Pavlich on the bus ride home… he’s even better in real life.

I’m back into full training this week.



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