I’m over my hammy Demons


ROSS called me to his office last Thursday for a ‘conversation’.

Hammy trouble.

Hammy trouble.

“• Sit Frankie
“• Scans look good.
“• You’re ready to go.
“• We’ll be conservative.
“• Matthew back this week.
“• Frankie for the Demons.
“• No need to come through the WOOFLE.
“• Hill and Ibbotson when they’re ready.
“• Luke for round 23.
“• Keep it under your collar til next week.”

I told Ballas and Son Son cos I know they can keep a secret. They were excited and Ballas said he’d do a zigzag run just for me.

Having hammy trouble wasn’t as yummy as I thought it would be but the trip to Europe was successful I suppose.

We visited Dr Moet&Chandon in France and Dr Rochefort10 in Belgium and the funny thing was that mum and dad seemed to take most of the medicine. We didn’t go anywhere near calf’s blood but my hammies are better and I’m running fast and free again. I fact I hardly think of hammies anymore.


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