Listening to you

ONE of the great things about having a column that goes all around the world is hearing from my readers and fans. There hasn’t been a lot of footy action to talk about recently with the bye and that game with the Lion Cubs so I thought I’d take the chance to answer some of your comments.

Some people at the beach told me they thought the Brisbane game was boring. Now I couldn’t possibly say that. The best part for me was running next to Johnno when he kicked those goals and then running with him all the way back to the back line. After the second goal I said, “Pity you didn’t do that in Sydney Johnno.” He though that was very funny. “Very funny Frankie,” he said.

The game against the Joeys on Sunday was a little bit nasty but it was great to have my mate Son Son back in the team. At quarter time Ross seemed a bit sad… I think it was because he was hoping for a quarter without a goal…. his dream is to win a game 0.7 (7) to 0.4 (4) or something like that. The funniest thing was when I bit that little Boomer guy on the ankle and he whacked Crowls.

Anyway back to your comments.

“What a champion, she is our good luck omen.” AG

Thanks AG. It’s not for me to start calling myself a champion. That’s for everybody else.

“Nice work Frankie – and nobody likes the smell of a wet dog.” Brett

Too true Brett. My favourite smells are old fish and fresh wee.

“Good to see Frankie up on the scoreboard/TV screen. ‘Scoreboard impact’ indeed. Looking forward to Frankie’s ruminations on the bye.” Vin

Yeah that was cool Vin. It’s funny that I was up there with Fyfey cos some people reckon he’s got hair like a shaggy dog (I think he’s handsome). I spent a lot of my puppyhood driving to footy grounds all over the place and looking at scoreboards with my dad. Would you do that with your kids? It was fun though. As for the bye weekend. I slept.

“You’re my heroine Frankie! What a game… you were so fast it was hard to actually see you what with the rain and puddles! No wonder the Crows were flummoxed.” Gretel

Thanks Gretel. It’s funny how many people say they don’t see me during the games. It might be because I’m too fast. My friend Margi has a smart TV and she sees me all the time.

“Frankie your name and that of your team mates last week will be in the history books in Fremantle (oops Cockburn) being the club’s first home and away draw. The jumper looks brilliant and a pity it will have limited exposure, I hope all your club members buy one and wear it with pride throughout the year.” Mog

I love that Indigenous round jumper and some people say the way I play, weaving through the traffic and all that, reminds them of Roger Hayden who helped to design the jumper. I still don’t understand the draw. Last week I asked Johhno to explain it to me but he thought I was trying to be funny and didn’t explain anything. By the way I know there’s a chapter on me in the Fremantle history book.

“I agree, Sydney can make your head spin but what a great place! I loved your first hand coverage of the game. You obviously gave your best and I think you will look spectacular in your new jumper.” Jenny

Thanks Jenny. Maybe when my football career is over you can show me Sydney. Dad said he thinks he might know who you are and that if I spent a weekend in Sydney with you I wouldn’t be an elite athlete when I got back. Not sure what he means.

Someone called Nordog Eel sent in a comment I’ve lost saying there were a couple of ridgebacks down by the river who would like to meet me. Many years ago Gerard Neesham said Daniel Bandy reminded him of a ridgeback. The ridgebacks I’ve met are nice but I’m not sure they could play in the AFL. Let’s just say they tend to be one set play short of a game plan.

Off to Geelong this week to chase Cats.


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