My first game

Running down the Hayden Ballantyne wing.

Running down the Hayden Ballantyne wing.

I suppose you all want to know what it was like to being the first dog to actually play for an AFL club in a real game – well NAB Cup game anyway. 

On the drive to Mandurah Pav told me – oh, did I mention I went to the game in Matthew Pavlich’s car, it was cool – that the NAB Cup was about getting some game  time and doing things right. He also talked a lot about his new baby Harper. I don’t like kids much but this one sounds nice.

I wasn’t too worried about the game. Bulldogs, from my experience, are usually scaredy cats. But I did get a surprise when they ran out onto the ground – they were puppies!

The game was fun. I started on the bench and liked that because I could have  a little snooze. When I came on it was fantastic – so many great smells. It was a little bit confusing at the start because some of the players insist on calling me Pontif (Frankie, Fransisco, Pope, Pontiff, get it? Yeah, I know). I stopped that by only answering to Frankie.
Our coach Ross Lyon is very big on structures. I found having a wee in lots of spots made it easy to know where to go. The umpires didn’t look very happy.

The best part was in the second half when Crowls told me I could look after Cooney. I must admit he got off the leash early in the third quarter but a couple of nips on the ankles had him under control. He’s pretty easy to follow cos his knee makes a creaky sound.

Son-Son’s mark was a beauty and Ballas had fun running up his own wing, One day there might be a Frankie’s Wing at Fremantle Park, my home ground.

The drive home was nice but it would have been better if Pav had talked more about me and less about Harper.




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