Soggy and satisfied


Good numbers

Good numbers


“It’s the bye next weekend boys and girl,” Ross said after the game  in Adelaide on Saturday, “so just let your hair down, do whatever you like.”

No he didn’t, I was just seeing if you were awake – but he was happy. He just kept looking at some numbers on a piece of paper and sometimes he almost smiled.

“Frankie, 29 pressure acts.” I heard him say to Suma, “Blocks, bites and barks. She’s got a box of tricks. Where are those canine critics now?”

Ross saw that I’d heard him and said, “You know what all that means Frankie?”

“Absolutely nothing coach,” I said with a drop of my head (because, as you know, dogs can’t talk but they can write).

“Good girl Frankie,” Ross said, “the only thing that matters is the Lions in two weeks time.”

This was my first trip to Adelaide and it was wet. The puddles were so bad in one pocket that once I needed to swim after the ball.

Despite the conditions I was confident going into this game because I grew up playing against crows in my backyard. In my opinion their CRARK! is worse than their bite if you know what I mean.

The Adelaide Crows are a lot better than the ones in Freo and this was a tough game. It was a big relief when I pushed that ball onto Cam Sutcliffe’s boot for the last goal. I could’ve kicked it myself but thought it was fitting for a South Australian boy to kick the sealer.

Back in the rooms I found myself in a group of hairy Dockers – Zac C, Fyfey, Mayney and Frankie. We were soggy and satisfied.

On the bus back to the airport Micky Barlow said I should feel at home in Adelaide because of my goatee. After I said something, with my eyes, about breaking his good leg he agreed it was a full beard and not a goatee. I didn’t tell him, but he might have had a point, because the Adelaide players did seem to give me the ball quite a lot.

Ross reckons it’s all about effort and I intend putting lots of effort into sleeping during our days off.


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