Springsteen honours Dockers star

Thanks Bruce.

Thanks Bruce.

ROCK superstar Bruce Springsteen dipped his lid to local heroes in more ways than one during his first visit to Perth.

The first song played by the E Street Band on the Australian leg of the High Hopes tour, and the first ever in Perth, was Frankie Fell in Love. It was the debut on the live set list for the song.

Springsteen is known to be admirer of Frankie, the first dog taken in the AFL Canine Draft, and a star in Fremantle’s groundbreaking 2013 season.

Frankie joined Big Bash crowd catcher Tendai Mzungu in a press conference as the Dockers sought to deal with the kind of off-field incidents clubs are happy to talk about.

In a prepared statement, because dogs can’t talk but they can write, Frankie confirmed the Springsteen connection. “Bruce has mentioned me a few times in his songs. I wasn’t too happy when he said, ‘Frankie ain’t no good’ on Highway Patrolman but we had a laugh about it.”

Asked if there was any truth in Frankie Fell in Love, Frankie said (in writing): “Bruce tells stories. Some are true. Some are made up.”

Frankie revealed she was able to attend all three Perth shows despite Perth Arena’s “silly” no dogs policy: “On Wednesday night I was in dad’s backpack, Friday in Sandi’s* top pocket and I was backstage on Saturday night. Tom Morello is so cute.”

The E Street Band opened their final Perth show on Saturday with Highway to Hell in a nod to Fremantle boy Bon Scott while Wide Open Road by Perth band The Triffids came over the loud speakers at the conclusion of the Friday and Saturday shows.
* Fremantle ruckman Aaron Sandilands.



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