Frankie back with new contract and new website


FREMANTLE’S list management jigsaw has taken another important step towards completion.

Canine midfield star Frankie has signed a three-year extension to her contract after what have been described as “meatful” negotiations between the club, player management and an unnamed butcher.

Frankie fronted a packed media conference at Fremantle Oval today and broke a long silence by barking at reporters as they walked into the room.

In a prepared statement, because dogs can’t talk but they can write, she answered all the questions they would’ve asked.

Are you happy to get the negotiations out of the way?

Dogs are always happy.

There have been rumours about the size of this contract. What can you tell us?

Let’s just say I won’t be going hungry.

Word is that's there's plenty of meat on the bone in Frankie's new contract.

Word is that’s there’s plenty of meat on the bone in Frankie’s new contract.


You have been quiet since the Grand Final. Why?

I’ve been busy with my new website and I’ve had a big pre-season. We’ve reviewed the Grand Final and I had to admit to my team mates that I got a bit distracted by some of  the smells at the MCG. That won’t happen again.

You seem to have a new role this season. Can you explain it?

As you know Ross wants two extra goals a game this year and my job is to make sure those bludgers in the forward line get them. And if they can’t do it then I’ll get someone else. Did you see the look I gave Pav and Chopper after I handed that one to Johnno in the first quarter on Saturday night?

Did you enjoy the rain on Saturday night?

Me, Son Son and Ballas like sliding on the wet grass. We had fun.

Do you think this contract will make you a one club player?

I’m a Freo girl. Never lived anywhere else. Wouldn’t play anywhere else. We didn’t tell them that in the negotiations but.


2 thoughts on “Frankie back with new contract and new website

  1. Ola Frankie
    Your Cuban fan club wishes you all the best for the next three years. If only you played for West Coast.

  2. That’s so cool. Me, Ballas and Son Son might go to Cuba on our footy trip this year. It would be great to meet up with the fan club and sign some autographs.
    I’d never play for West Coast, we’ve got some neighbours who barrack for the Eagles. They’re away and every afternoon dad takes me to their garden so I can “leave an autograph”.

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