No excuses but Hawks might have hurt puppies historically


My grandmother told me about how in Germany where all my family come from that hawks used to fly down out of the sky and grab Miniature Schnauzer puppies and I’m thinking that might be the reason I still haven’t played a decent game against Hawthorn not that I’m saying that the Hawthorn Football Club did anything to puppies in the olden days in Germany. I’m pretty sure they probably didn’t. So I don’t want to take any credit away from the AFL Hawks (not the olden day German ones). So don’t feel as though you have to go and Google Hawks and puppies (in German). No, the better team won on the night and I’m a no excuses dog from a no excuses club.


So anyway, it’s a bit sad around here at the moment. Son Son is real sore, Mayney’s maimed, Micky Barlow’s buggered and everyone’s telling Fyfey to pull his head in.


Look out Bombers.



PS… If you press FOLLOW at the top of the page you will get an email every time I rant, I mean write.


PPS… Dad just pulled me away from the computer… he said something about team rules. Better ask Ballas about that at training tomorrow.



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