Too hot for Bombers

Just get the pill was what Ross told me.

Just get the pill was what Ross told me.

Not much makes me angry.*

But after last year’s game with the Bombers I felt a bit angry and stupid.

So this year I was going to keep my mind on the job. Ross made it easy by asking me to mentor Joshie Simpson. I told Josh that I was sub for my first few games and my advice for when he got out there was ‘run, run run’ and he sure did that.

Ross also told me to forget about what the papers were saying about me and just get out there and get the pill.

As we ran out Ballas said to me: “Hey Frankie, have you ever seen a Bomber melt?”
“No,” I said. I didn’t know what he was talking about but that’s not unusual with Ballas.
“Just keep your eyes open,” Ballas said.
Pretty soon I knew what he meant. Half way through the second quarter those Bombers looked like redbacks on a barbecue.

I know it wasn’t funny but I laughed a little bit when Luke Mac whacked Barra Mundy with his bum. Barra was a bit gaga after that and they subbed him off and brought Joshie on for a run, run run.

After the game me and Ballas went up to Barra to see if he was ok.

“Listen to this,” Ballas said.
“What day is it Mundy?” Ballas asked.
“Yeah, I think so.” Barra Mundy replied.


*Somethings make me slightly annoyed….
*Well skateboarders obviously.
*And kids who run.
*And people who run.
*And people who walk past my house.
*And dogs who walk past my house.
*And kids who scream.
*And people who come to our front door.
*And puppies who want to play.
*And big dogs who want to stand on you.
*And magpies.
*And Spicks & Specks and Rockwiz with their nasty scary buzzers.


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