Getting to know the big fella

My big mate Aaron Sandilands played his 200th game in the derby. Because you’re not an AFL player you don’t know him as well as me. So I thought I’d change all that. Here’s my one-on-one interview with Big Sandi.

Frankie: Did you ever imagine you would be playing in the AFL alongside a miniature schnauzer called Frankie and a person called Hayden Ballantyne?

Aaron: Well growing up on a wheat and sheep farm in Kendenup down near Mt Barker I was fortunate enough to play with a lot of dogs but none were AFL standard like you Frankie. And there was nobody in Kendenup, Mt Barker, Albany or anywhere like Hayden Ballantyne.

Frankie: Aaron, you’re 211cm high and weigh about 120kg or something. I’m 25cm high, 35cm long and weigh 5.5kg. Don’t you reckon that makes me pretty amazing?

Aaron: I don’t know how you do it. One thing I know for sure is that I wouldn’t be playing in the AFL if I was 25cm tall. Not in the ruck anyway.

Frankie: Congratulations on your 200th game. What has been the highlight of your career? But first how great was it to have me and Ballas running around together again out there?

Aaron: Well I’ve been fortunate enough to play with a lot of great players over my time at the Fremantle Dockers but none have been like you and Ballas.

Frankie: We’ve got a lot in common. When you first came to the club you didn’t say a word and I’ve never said a word.

Aaron: Yeah that’s true but you do bark a fair bit. And you seemed pretty confident as soon as you got Canine Drafted.

Frankie: Good point. Apart from my confidence what do you think is my biggest strength – speed, leap, bump, skill, intelligence, writing, sleep?

Aaron: I just think it’s good that you’re not a show pony.

Frankie: We both know it’s great to be an AFL player for the Dockers but do you sometimes think it would be good to be a lawnmower man?

Aaron: Sometimes in the middle of one of Ross’s meetings I daydream about cutting a lawn. Once he asked me a question and I said: ‘Just keep going straight I reckon.’ Ross said: ‘That’s a good answer, what do you think Duff?’ I still don’t know what he asked me.

Frankie: Thanks for letting us know about your career Aaron. One last question. Who do think has the best leap me or Hayden Crozier?

Aaron: Well, inch-for-inch I’d reckon you Frankie. But I reckon Croze might take the mark of the year pretty soon.

This has been Talking Frankie. I hope you all feel like you know Aaron Sandilands a lot better now. But remember, he’s my big mate not yours.


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