A lot less yapping


David Mundy reckons Saturday night was the most peaceful game with the Cats he can remember.
It wasn’t the crowd – you were as loud as ever. The peace and quiet was out on the ground and in the rooms and in the huddles.

As you know Ballas broke his jaw in the game at Adelaide Oval and had an operation early last week – around the club we were calling him ‘The Whisperer’.
What you don’t know, because I wanted the club to keep it quiet so as not to distract from Pav’s big day, was that I went to hospital last week too. I had four teeth out but like Ballas I woke up good from the anaesthetic.
When I got back to the club I said to Ross – with a nod of my head because dogs can’t talk – that I would be ready to chase Cats. And by opening my mouth and making no noise I let Ross know that I wouldn’t be barking as much as usual.
“That’s good news on both counts,” Ross said.
Out on the ground James Kelly found out about the new quiet Ballas but the good thing for James was that he didn’t have to hear about it afterwards.
After the game Zac and Sandi jumped in to carry Pav from the ground. Me and Ballas wanted to do it but nobody heard our whispers. The Geelong players stayed out to clap Pav and just for a moment I liked Cats – it didn’t last.
It’s the bye this week.
I’m going to sleep.
When I asked Ballas what he was gonna do he just said: “Shut up.”


3 thoughts on “A lot less yapping

  1. I hope the operation to your mouth doesn’t affect the quality of your voice.
    The high pitch is something that could take you a long way.

  2. Hi Frankie

    Hoping you are now fully recovered from your surgery and feeling fighting fit. You are a very brave girl.

    I am pleased to say that your reporting is still A1 and a pleasure to read!

    Go Frankie!

    Aunty Jen

  3. Frankie, I thought you blokes have played the best game of footy this year (particularly early in the game ). Hawthorn played the sweetest game against the Saints some time back, you blokes have produced the best (thus far).

    Given your lack of teeth , I have asked the Collingwood Football Club to have a look at your Bona Fides in relation to a potential trade move next year.

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