Facing fame and the Bulldogs


photoAS you know, I don’t go looking for publicity. I like to go to training and get wisdom from Pav and Sandi, watch out for Ross and muck around with Ballas and Son Son (especially now he’s off crutches). And I like to play on the weekends and sleep and eat.

But being the first dog to play in the AFL means people are interested in me. “Look at the leap!” “How fast is that little doggie?” How can she bump like that when she only weighs 6.5kg?” All that means celebrity type people want to pretend that they know me and, even if I try, I can’t keep out of the magazines. All I ask is that they spell my name right.

The latest bit of nonsense about me came up after the Cats game. Do you remember when I chased Stevie J and scared him and made him miss that shot for goal? Well – apparently I was clocked at 62.3km/h. At a press conference Son Son said: “We’ve got Zoom Top* flying around out there.”

Fast. (But not that fast.)

Fast. (But not that fast.)

We had a laugh about it later – and of course it was in all the papers and on TV and radio. I can go fast – that’s a fact – but Son Son just made up the 62.3km/h and no one checked.

Anyway it’s the Bulldogs this week. Someone said to me down at South Beach the other day: “You must have a soft spot for the Bulldogs Frankie.” I said: “Yeah sure. I’m a Docker and a Miniature Schnauzer.” Then again I do have a cousin who’s a bulldog – she’s scared of me but she’s nice. Hi Tess.

* Zoom Top



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