Being a good role model to the fans

ImageThe thing about being an AFL player is that people look up to you. Even when you’re only 25cm tall. Pav says it’s being a role model. “Like it or not Frankie people expect a lot of you so you always have to be a good girl. You can’t go around barking at people or scaring kids even if they are doing annoying things like running around or wearing Eagles gear.”

Well, I am a good girl and here are some stories to prove it.

1. At St Kilda Beach last Saturday some puppies came up to me and Ballas and Fyfey and SCOS and Mayney. And I didn’t bark at them or do anything wrong to them except bump maybe one or two of them maybe once. Puppies like being bumped by an AFL player dog even it does make them a bit groggy. Shuts them up too. The papers were there and that just shows you’ve always gotta be good.


2. Earlier this year I was asked to attend training with the East Fremantle colts (that’s puppies) by their coach Mark Foster. I went even though my WOFFL club is Peel these days but it was at Fremantle Park and I was walking there anyway. My message to the boys was train hard and don’t get distracted by good smells like I did in the Grand Final last year. And then I just walked away.Image


3. This week I got a fan letter from Zac who is a miniature schnauzer, loves the Dockers and says his hero is Frankie and he wants to be in my fan club. I wrote back to him and said: “Well Zac you’re getting everything right so far. Just make sure you get lots of sleep, that’s the most important thing.”

I think it would be a bit embarrassing to have fan club. If you’d like to join Frankie’s Fan Club just click follow or if there’s something you’d like me to write about then say so in leave a reply. Here’s a photo of Zac training. Good looking isn’t he?




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