Reppin’ my hood yo


Last Saturday I went around to Micky Barlow’s place to watch the Eagles game on TV with ZacD and Spurry. It was a funny afternoon. Not the game, we’re under no illusions that West Coast are a quality outfit and we’ll be in for a tough one in the derby in a few weeks. No, the funny part was listening to the boys. Micky asked ZacD how many pairs of boots he goes through in a season. ZacD said the next time he got a kick within 60 metres of the goals he’d have a shot and show “those pussy cat forwards” how to do it.

After the game the boys put on their best thongs and their hoodies and we walked to East Fremantle Oval to watch our Peel boys. We got there at half-time and the nice lady at the gate said we had to pay. Micky Barlow tried to explain that we were Peel players but had left our WAFL passes behind but she just said we could get in for free at three quarter time. That’s when I tapped her on the shin. “Frankie!” she said. “Are these boys with you? In you all go, enjoy the game. Go the Sharks. Good luck tomorrow Frankie.”

The boys were a bit quiet after that but then Micky Barlow lent down and pulled my hood up over my ears. I asked him, with a tilt of my head because dogs can’t talk but they can write, why we all wear hoodies when we go out, especially to WOOFLE games.

“It’s so people won’t recognise us and hassle us,” Micky Barlow said.

“Yeah that’s a big problem for you isn’t Micky,” I said with my eyes that you almost couldn’t see from under my hood.

On Sunday ZacD got the ball about 59.99 metres from the goals and booted it through. As we ran back to the back line I said (with a little bark): “You’re gonna havta wear your hoodie everywhere now ZacD.”

He just laughed and said: “Yo.”

Someone else noticed the Dockers and hoodies. These blokes probably don't care about being recognised. Photo by Anthony Lefory.

Someone else noticed the Dockers and hoodies. These blokes probably don’t care about being recognised.  Photo by Anthony Lefroy.




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