The three of us

Trio way to go.

Trio way to go.

It was so good to be back playing with my mates Son Son and Ballas on Sunday. The poor Lion Cubs didn’t know which one of us to go to. In the first quarter they were yelling and screaming.

“How did he get on his own?”

“Who’s on him?”

“Someone pick up the bloody puppy.”

After the game they talked to Ballas on the TV and he said: “It’s looking good in the small boys and girl department.”

That’s what we call ourselves now – The Small Department.

Things have been interesting around the club this week. Ross has been playing games.

“Big game this week Frankie, what are you going to do different?”

“Nothing coach, I live in the moment, do my recovery, do my preparation.”

“We made the grand final last year Frankie, we should be able to go one better this year.”

“Past results are irrelevant coach. But, failure is feedback.”

He seemed pretty happy with that.

It’s harder for me because, as you know, dogs can’t talk so I have to make the right expression or noise so the coach doesn’t catch me out.


Meanwhile I’m a great role model for miniature schnauzers and this week I got a message from my cousin Streudel who is reading the Dockers book, especially the chapter on heroes of the AFL Canine Draft. Now, Streudel will never be an AFL player, but she has been inspired by me and says she’s thinking of running a bit when she goes to the park.


2 thoughts on “The three of us

  1. Frankie, my wife bought the Dockers book and loves it, she had it signed by a Les someone who I think helped do the book. I would like to go one better, if I buy the book could you please put your paw print on my book? I am a big fan. Mog

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