I’ve gotta play tall

FrankieTallRoss called me into his office on Tuesday.
“You know about Johnno?”
“Yes coach.”
“You worried about it.”
“Sad, not worried.” (It was hard work making that face because as you know dogs can’t talk but that can write.)
“Good girl. One in. One out. But we’ll have to roll you out and send you back.”
Sometimes it’s hard to know what Ross is talking about. I nodded.
“Need someone with leg speed to play tall down back on their hit up.”
Now I understood. Son Son and Ballas were going to have to do the chaos stuff on their own in the forward line. I was needed in defence. No more small department for me. Now I’ve gotta play tall.
“OK train it. Action it.”
“I’m happy to play my role coach.”
On the way out of Ross’s office I saw Micky Barlow and he gave me the thumb up. I don’t think it was because he knew about my new role. It’s just that his thumb sticks up like that all the time now.
I haven’t played at the Olympic Stadium before but I hear the surface is rough and stinky. Perfect. Can’t wait.


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