Mad Monday

This didn't happen on Mad monday. It didn't.

This didn’t happen on Mad Monday. It didn’t.













THIS year is the first time in my AFL career that I haven’t played in the Grand Final so the Mad Monday thing was new to me. Not that it happened.

Pav spoke to us in the rooms after the Port game: “We’re mature, we’re professional, we don’t do dress up.”

Then Ross talked some bullet points at us…

• “Wasted opportunities = wasted opportunity.

• “Failure is feedback

• “Review meetings start tomorrow

We got together for our Mad Monday on Wednesday and it wasn’t mad. We had a few drinks – bottomless water bowl for me – we gave each other funny presents and I had quite a lot of wees.

Some of the funny presents were….

• Tendai got a bucket.

• Micky Barlow got a moon boot for this thumb.

• Ballas got a moon boot for his head.

• Son Son got some cotton wool.

• Mayney got a football.

• Lukey Mac got a Zimmer frame.

• Sandi got a hole to stand in.

• Lachie got a box to stand on.

• Fyfey got a Brownlow Medal invitation.

• Zac C  got some dancing shoes.

• Zac D got some footy boots.

• Matty Tabs got a pair of Pav’s shoes.

• Ibbo got some shoulder pads.

• Pav got a letter from the Queen.

• Crowls got some velcro.

• Hilly got a photo of his brother.

• Barra got a photo of Fyfey.

• Johnno got some dencorub.

• Danyle got a radar.

• Clancee got a bottle of ink.

• Croz got a photo of himself.

• Cam Suttcliffe got a ticket to schoolies.

• Lee Spurr got a ticket to toolies.

• Josh Simpson got a ticket to Sydney.

• Matty de Boer got a hi-vis vest.

• Griff got a map of Mandurah.

• Alex got a CD by a death metal band called Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky.

• And I got ribbon for my beard…. you’re dead Micky Barlow.


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