Singing my way to (more) fame

FrankieSingingWHEN you’re a famous AFL player life is pretty good. But being an AFL player doesn’t last forever. You need to think of something that will keep you famous in the future.

Luckily for me, and the general public, I have lots of skills including cuteness, cuddliness and a good singing voice.

LeeCD1Recently I launched my musical career as a vocalist on the best selling CD I Got It All by my old mate Gordon Lee. I sang back-up on the song John’s Dogs and my photo is on the CD booklet.

Now Gordon’s not just a good singer and songwriter – he’s smart too. He knew that having me on his CD wouldn’t do him any harm – if you know what I mean.

Gordon has always been aware of my voice and often commented on it what he came to my place. So it was no surprise when he invited me to be part of his CD. Gordon asked me to sound like three dogs so I just did my normal bark. Recording was fun and the song sounds great, my bits particularly.LeeCD2

Some day soon I’ll bring out my own CD. I already have a title Frankie: 12 Songs About Me. Next I’ll write the songs.

A note from Gordon Lee…
“I’m glad I recruited Frankie for my new CD.
I’ve heard Frankie barking directions on the field and as I needed some backup singers (barkers) for my new album I thought nothing to lose by approaching the highest profile barker there is.
Frankie agreed to do this, thinking of the long term – you know – life after the AFL.
She was generous with the contract terms but wanted to be recognised as the ‘Lead Backup Vocalist’.
Frankie’s distinctive voice can be heard leading the singers backing up the lead singer.”



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