Footballers behaving badly

badfrankieI WAS at a cafe the other day wearing a hoodie to avoid recognition.

The people at the table next to us were talking about how all footballers are overpaid, druggies, criminals, dumb, only good on the footy field and all that stuff. Like other footballers I never read the papers, watch TV or listen to the radio even when the stories are about how amazing my career has been. Steer clear and don’t get a big head is my motto – Pav kind of suggested it.

But apparently there have been a couple of stories lately about footballers getting into trouble. The footballers I know spend most of their time training, studying, looking after babies, looking after dogs, eating carefully and sleeping.

For example here are some of the things I did with my team mates during the break.
• Went to Pav’s place to look at his wine collection.
• Went to Duff’s place for a run with his dogs Bear and Harley.
• Went to Zac C’s place to listen to music and not dance.
• Sat quietly in a cafe in South Terrace with Alex.
• Went to Son Son’s place and played with his kids.
• Met Balla’s slow horse Talent Show. I asked him how he managed to win a Perth Cup and he neighed, “Buggered if I know.”
• Went to Croze’s place and looked at his selfie collection…. it’s almost bigger than mine.
• Went to the groomers with Fyfey and tried to convince him to have a Schnauzer cut.
• Went to Micky Barlow’s place and watched wrestling, racing and cricket on TV – he thinks they’re real.

Anyway I suppose we all have to do something wrong sometimes – and these days everyone is carrying a camera so you need to be careful.

Training starts today, Fyfey will be ok and I hope you like the photo of me taken during the break. I’m at South Beach, minding my own business and not doing anything wrong.


One thought on “Footballers behaving badly

  1. Hi Frankie

    You are the best!!!! I love reading about your adventures and also how you set your own rules!

    Any time you’d like a night out on the town I’m the girl.

    Love Aunty Jenny

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