I didn’t bite that Eagle. That would be a dog act

Where's the proof.

Where’s the proof?

About the derby. I didn’t like it because I’ve never lost to them before and I like getting together for the winning team photo after a derby and I didn’t like standing out there on the ground like some sort of lost puppy after the game watching them being all happy. But the Eagles were better than us on the day and I just want to say the same as David Mundy said about the game. I don’t know what he said but it would have been sensible and not namby pamby.

But. I want to say something about all that stuff in the paper (that I don’t read*), on the TV (that I don’t watch*), radio (that I don’t listen to*) and Twitter (that I don’t*) about how there was some kind of dog act in the derby. And even though I’m moved on and haven’t looked at the media I’ve heard something about biting. And there was only one dog out there and that was me and the only thing I did wrong was play like crap and the only thing I done dirty was maybe one wee and that was near the point post so wouldn’t worry anyone.

That sort of talk is bad for my reputation and I want to say right here and now that I did not bite an Eagle. 1. Where’s the proof. 2. I’ve hardly got any teeth left. 3. Why would I want to bite an Eagle?**

Right, I’ve moved on.

*Unless it’s something good about me. Or my team mates of course.

** Maybe 3. isn’t as good a point as the other two.


3 thoughts on “I didn’t bite that Eagle. That would be a dog act

  1. This is Sophie Schnauzer here. My mum says she is always putting her foot in her mouth. Do arms taste better?

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