Another weekend at Pav’s rest home

I'm ready.

I’m ready.

I didn’t realise it at the time but that Port Adelaide game was good preparation for the finals even though most of the elite players like me, Pav, Barra, Sandi, Hilly, Johnno and Fyfey stayed home. Ballas and Son Son were a bit injured so it was good for them to rest too.

That day most of us went around to Pav’s place and watched the kids run around at Adelaide Oval – generally I don’t like kids much but some of ours look pretty good. Pav told us to be careful what we eat and to get plenty of rest. That suited me cos two of my best skills are resting and watching out to see if there’s any food to eat.

Special footy finals food from the Wild Bakery in South Freo.

Special footy finals food from the Wild Bakery in South Freo.

It was good that Micky Barlow was in Adelaide and not at Pav’s place making silly jokes – and it was good to see him get a kick for a change – only joking Micky.

Pav showed us his wine collection again and told us he’d open a bottle or two if we win the flag. Sandi just raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything.

Some parts of the final against Sydney were fun and some weren’t. It was fun getting the full small brigade back together again – Son Son, Ballas and me – and didn’t we cause a bit of havoc. The Swans were yelling at each other.

“Who’s on the bloody dog?”

“Me.” “And me.”

“Who’s on the bloody pest?”

“Got him.” “Got him.”

Me and Ballas just laughed when Son Son kicked his second goal. We looked at all the defenders around us and Ballas said: “Is one of you supposed be on number 10?”

What wasn’t fun was that breeze. My beard kept blowing into my eyes – that’s probably why I didn’t play so good in the last quarter.

This weekend it’s back to Pav’s rest home. Our host will be setting things up now…

  • Ice for Fyfey’s leg.
  • Ice for Lukey Mac’s calf.
  • Ice for Johnno’s hammy.
  • Special seat for Sandy.
  • Ladder for Lachie Neale.
  • Soundproof room for Micky B.
  • PlayStation for Tommy & Sutts.
  • Bed for Frankie.

    Me training for the finals.

    Me training for the finals.


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