The truth behind Micky Barlow’s Brownlow triumph

Me trying to avoid one of Micky Barlow's jokes.

Me trying to avoid one of Micky Barlow’s jokes.

Micky Barlow’s been strutting around a bit since his win at the Brownlow – in that kind of waddley limpy way of his.

The first thing he said when he got to our Mad Monday Morning Tea was: “Call me Micky B, funnier than Mick Malloy.”

Big Sandy just shook his head and mumbled something. I think he said, “So’s turf toe.”

Yes, he was funny at the Brownlow.

Yes, he was funny at the Brownlow.

Look the truth is that Micky Barlow was funny at the Brownlow. He was. But unlike Fyfey, who won the medal by the way, Micky hasn’t really acknowledged the part his team mates played in his triumph on the big stage.

For example he could have said: “You could be funny too Bruce if you had Aaron Sandilands grab you around the throat every time you weren’t.” But he didn’t, he just took all the glory.

The real truth is all the players in the squad are like editors for Micky B’s comedy.

Whenever we’re together – and that’s six days a week – Micky B is cracking gags and trying out new material…

Every now and then you hear another voice…

Like Barra: “I don’t think so Micky.”

Like Pav: “In all honesty Micky, no it wasn’t funny.”

Like Ballas: “Just shut it Micky, shut up willya, bloody hell, shut up.”

Like Son Son: “Hey back it up. What did you say before. No before that. Before that. Yeah, now that was pretty funny. Write it down.”

Like Zac C: “Can’t hear ya. Got my headphones in.”

Like Fyfey: “If you say one funny thing, I’ll take you to the Brownlow. Bugger, I smiled at that one.”

Like Zac D: “Ah jeese, I nearly pissed myself, tell us another one.”

Like Luke Mc: “It’s all about timing Micky. What time is it? I have to go.”

Like Johnno: “Yeah no. No.”

Like Mayney: “That was ok until the last bit. Not funny but ok.”

Like Ross: “Failure is feedback Michael.”

And Micky B again: “Why did you wee on my foot Frankie?”

And so it goes and in the end Micky Barlow can go to the Brownlow and nail it and everyone says he’s naturally funny.

By the way, despite what you may have heard I have not made a decision about my playing future. I might do what Pav does or I may not.


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